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Workshops – Perfect your Skills -quickly and easily

Workshops are:

  • Informative, interactive and fun
  • Helpful to business and personal development
  • Priced competitively

Our Workshops

Marketing Planning Workshop

Think before you sell.  By producing a marketing plan, you forecast your future.  You get to know your customers better and can focus on what they really want, ways you can provide for them and a clear process to win their business.  Research, target and focus are key to your successful strategy.

Selling - the essential skill

Selling is the key to business success and having confidence makes all the difference.   Everyone needs to know the basics of selling so that every aspect of the business ‘sells’.  No matter who you are or the job you do, you will be selling some of the time.  Good customer dialogue can make the difference between  profit and more profit.


Delegation is often misunderstood.  Used in the correct way, delegation helps everyone in the team and at home.  This workshop examines the advantages of good delegation, gaining time for planning and thinking whilst sharing your experience and wisdom.  This benefits you and those around you enabling everyone to focus on essentials and learn by sharing. 

Communication - the most essential business skill

‘Good’ Communication is vital to every organisation in every type of situation and affects everything we do.  It impacts on and affects success and profitability.   Failure to communicate properly can upset the people you work with and give the wrong impression to the outside world.  Find out how ‘good’ communication focuses on other people and the way they receive your message.

Body Language - to help in sales and management communications

Know what is in the minds of other people.  Get to the truth by reading gestures and expression accurately.  Find out how you can influence sales, business and management situations positively and gain greater cooperation in everything you do.

Being Assertive - stay in control and create a win:win situation every time

Being assertive enables you to get your opinions heard without the forcefulness of aggression or the oblivion of submissiveness. Assertiveness is the key to helping you to manage yourself and handle different or difficult situations productively. It gives you the ability to express your opinions positively and with confidence.

Time Management – taking control, getting your life back

This workshop helps you to gain time in your business and personal lives.  Time once spent is never retrieved so it is vitally important that every second of our lives is spent on important and enjoyable pursuits.  Wasting time is wasting life!  Take control and achieve tasks efficiently and be relaxed and happy with good work/life balance.

Presentation skills – sales meetings, job interviews and management meetings

Sooner or later we find ourselves having to give a professional presentation.  Find out how to organize, plan and prepare these important events the outcome of which can be crucial to your future and success.  Make your sales meetings, management meetings and interviews stand out for their excellence.   You will also learn how everyday meetings can benefit from the ‘presentation’ skills approach.  Don’t wait until it’s too late; acquire the skills now.







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Workshops can be delivered in-house or join Open events 

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What People Think!


Sharon Windebank of Saffron Insurance said:

"Janet is a really good training manager and I would ask her help with any development need and recommend her to any company, she is clear and knowledgable in all areas of training & coaching."

Sarah Hillman of Enabling Growth Ltd. said:

“I attended Janet’s Communication workshop because there’s always room for improvement in the way that I communicate!  I have been on many such workshops in the past, but this was one of the best. Janet allows a lot of interaction which keeps you involved and runs short exercises which really make the principles stick in your head. I came away with four or five useful, practical things that I can do to improve how I communicate. The workshop was excellent value for money and I would recommend it to anyone.”


 Lucy Brown, Smith & Coburn said:

“Workshops are a good length of time and start at a good time.  Weekday evenings are perfect.” 

Michael Gibbs, MD Adept Software Consultancy Ltd. said:

“Liked it.  Great as usual Janet.” 

Ranier Jarman said:

“Good beginning, gave me a structure.”